Prayers for Miracles for My Family

by Pauline (Singapore)

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray to you that my husband loves me wholeheartedly. His job n his various investments are stressing him so much so he’s been yelling at me n our 4kids so endlessly.

Pls help my 1st son to find a better paid job to pay for his upcoming wedding preparations n his need of a new apartment. Pls help my 2nd son in Paris to secure a good paying job. It’s been 6 mths since he graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. All his job applications got rejected simply cos he’s not a local but a foreigner.

Pls grant him a job in a Michelin star outlet allow him to shine thru. Do help my 3rd son to obtain a space in a university n my youngest child to be filial. Only u can make her obedient n gracious. Shes very rebellious. Finally, I pray to you God for a quick financial breakthrough to buy a bungalow for my family of 8 people n 3 dogs.

I am ever very grateful. Yr humble servant daughter, Pauline C

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