Prayers for me and my family.

by BLS (PA)

Heavenly father I thank you for my life and the blessings in it. I pray to you Lord that you will heal my body, mind, soul and spirit and cleanse my entire body so that it is free from all disease. I pray that you guide those who treat me and that you heal my family and their illnesses as well. I pray Lord for more than 40 more healthy years on Earth so that I may raise my son Lord and watch him grow. I pray that you bless him, and all of my family and that we all have an eternal home in with you in Heaven Lord when you decide our time to leave this earth has come. I pray that you give me strength, and wisdom as well as keep me free from disease after my surgery. I also pray that it stays local and does not spread. I need you and your healing hands forever. Amen.

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