Prayers for Many Various Issues

by Suzy (Pearl River, LA, USA)

I need prayers for inner healing from my past, shameful life. I’ve made major financial mistakes after a devastated storm. We should’ve had our home built back, and instead are living in a half-finished trailer while having to look at our unfinished home that my husband refuses to sell. I need a car desperately and need financial help to get our of tons of credit card debt, as well as get the help to rebuild our home and/or my husband needs wisdom to know when to let go of our property to buy another home, if God’s will. We’re having major family-dysfunction and have become introverted from the family the past 10 years. We don’t know how to even start again. Please pray for healing in my emotions that I can forgive in-laws for the past hurt-filled comments and they can forgive me for not being part of the their kids lives.