Prayers for Health,Studies & Job,Relation and family

by VB ()

Yesu Papa I have come before you as you are my last hope please Yesu Papa heal

my papa illness forever.Let it go away from body forever.I ask for forgiveness on behalf
of my entire family.Please forgive me and my family.

This Chirstmas I beleive that we all will be showed with your blessings on my family.Yesu
papa please heal my entire family please papa.

Yesu Papa I want to study for NPCIL and main exams show me way out of my busy schedule
I want to build my carrer.Yesu papa please I want job by April 2016.

Yesu Papa let me clear all exams show me way to study harder than before.

Yesu I and my love is in relation for 4 years but parents are not ready,we have
accepted our parents decision for their happiness ,but in this we both are in
tears .Yesu Papa they have separated us please guide them to bring us back
together forever in marriage remove all negative things Yesu Papa from our

Please Yesu Papa show our parents way because your miracle can only bring us together otherwise
for lifetime we will think parents did wrong not always parents are right,not always we should obey
them,many questions will be remained unanswered.Yesu Papa I beg before you for my relation let
them realise their responsibilites.

Take care of my entire family and keep them in your gauidiance for ever.