prayers for health and protection for myself and family

by I Can Not Pay Sorry (Alberta Canada)

All of Heaven above. Please here and answer my prayers now. I can no longer do it alone. My whole family lives are in danger from many evil people who are constantly trying to harm us. The ways they have done this are unbelievable. My family do not believe that this is true and are blind o all of what happened and still is .I am so tired and very sick .

I need them to see the truth of the evil people that know everything about us and are each day trying to harm us,our homes, vehicles work , everywhere we go they follow us. I am afraid to go anywhere or do anything .I worry for my family and friends. Please send help for me now to help keep us healthy and safe and pray that my family now see the truth and believe me when I tell them what I know is happening . I need earth angels to help us too. My body is given out on me and I am so weak and tired., I feel all I have done to protect us has not worked.

As ever step I make forward my family not believing cause more harm and danger to our lives. Please pray for heavens help immediately . Than you God Bless
from ***Losing Faith***