prayers for healing the ringing in my left ear

by Marcia ()

Lord God I want to thank you for leading me to serving you. I were lost and now I’m found as faithful as I can be. Lord Jesus I thank you for showing me the way of life by repenting for all my sins and asking for newness through the glory your name. oh son of David have mercy on me please parson and deliver me from all my distressed. Lord I am not worthy to recieve you but if you say the words I will be healed. oh forgiving God I love you Lord, I thank you Lord, I worship you my lord. during this difficult time of my life I found you Lord and I’ll continue to serve you my lord… everyday I look forward in praising your holy name and it refreshes me daily.. I am a sinner and im in need to you healing power my Lord. you say to ask and it shall be given, seek and we shall fine and to knock and doors shall be open… Lord Jesus Christ by your stripes an healed… i love thee lord Jesus