Prayers for healing of a relationship and unity of family

by Corrine (Canada)

Have a very spoiled adult step child that my cl husband continues to spoil…she never cleans up after herself and considers herself above others, yet she portrays herself as an innocent daughter and yet is so snobby to others at times…her dad is a sweet man who helps people out a lot and yet when she’s around she’s bossy with him and gives him no choice of what he would like to do and he changes all of a sudden and becomes snobby too….I have a daughter as well, with grandchildren and they love hanging out with them…yet at times again they get that snobby attitude and I Just Pray that they stop this and become more humble and accepting of others into their lives and pray that the lord above fills their heart with Love from us and for them to know we only want to become a family with them…before I hit the breaking point and leave as I love this man and don’t want to leave him…prayers please thank you