Prayers for Healing and Strength….

by Wendy (Hollywood, Florida, USA)

The saying goes, The Lord doesn’t give you any more than what he knows that you can handle, and you are put through his life tests until you pass them….My thoughts on that is enough is enough. I’m tired of the test of life. Tired of being dealt the losing hand.

I am really trying to keep the faith and believe that there is a reason I have to be put through this same misery every year, only each time it happens the out come looks more and more scary… that is a real test of faith… Lord I know you want what is best for me, well you’ve seen me at my best and now it has been taken away—AGAIN…so I ask you …..WHY ?????? What is your reason for putting me through this yet again just when I was on what I thought the right and positive path…….

I need additional prayers for Healing. I have been fighting tinnitus & otitis media and have already lost partial hearing in both ears. I will be seeing a 3rd ENT in hopes that something can be done to fix the problem and regain my hearing. This illness has left me unable to do what I love to do is my job as a Hair Stylist. Not being able to work sends me into a depression.

This whole thing is a horrible chain reaction. I can feel myself shutting down and giving up hope. I was on my way of having everything that I wanted and it is all gone. My son and I have been living with my parents now for 3 years which is putting an addition strain on them, I can’t work and my son can’t find work.

I guess I just need to “hear” that there are loving, caring strangers left out there in the world. I need my health to regain my financial status to take the stress off of all of us..
Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

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  1. Faith

    It sounds like you have lots of faith but you need more hope in our awesome Lord. He hears your plea and he does want the best for you. Sometimes what we want for ourselves is not always the Lords plan for us. He will see you thru it and give you the strength to continue. Place yourself at the foot of the cross as I do and see for yourself how much he loves us. See the wounds we placed on him and how bloody and unrecognizable we made him look by our sinfulness. He died for us, he took our place so that we can be reconciled to our Father God. It was the only way we can have forgiveness of sin. We can share in his sufferings by grace that comes from the one true God if we unite ourselves to him for all the times we feel hopeless, alone, depressed and all our sufferings and sorrow. You will receive peace and a sense of calmness that will come from Our Lord, when you do this, No longer looking at our own issues. He loves you and he wants you to believe he knows everything that is happening to you. Nothing happens to us that does not pass thru him first.

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