Prayers for healing and answers

by Tami (Oregon)

I have been dealing with pain in my lower abdomen (on the left side) for a year now. I had laproscopic surgery to look at my tubes and ovaries for endometriosis and found none. I had a ct scan which showed an abnormality at the L1 and L5 disks.

The pain is back, along with pain in my lower back, pain in my thigh, and now major bladder and bowel problems. Im struggling to use the bathroom and feel like i need to constantly but cant. I have beem checked for a UTI over and over and it comes back clean with a small trace of blood. I am terrified. I am not finding out answers and the next steps are an mri and being referred to a urologist. I am scared of the worst, bladder cancer, and have not been able to control the pain or control my anxiety and fear. It is consuming my life. I have prayed and prayed and feel defeated and scared. We have been trying to have a baby for a year, and keep having ealry miscarriages. Now i am scared of such worse.

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