Prayers for Having a Smile Again

O God,What mistake I made by loving a person for 3 years being with him as his shadow in his ups and down so that he leaves and goes me by saying that his parents do not like me.

Does being loyal to someone is not good,being truthful,being emotional,being in love is doing something wrong.Why did I waste my time of my life for a person who will tell me one day I cant continue with you.

We listen to parents as they are always right.But cant parents think for their child happiness.Is fighting for once love wrong?Does it mean that person is bad behavior?

So childrens should always go against parents to find their happiness….

God now is that I will never get him back again…

Now is that I have to compromise all my dreams..of marriage..

I know you hear prayers and answer in your own way..I am very worried and afraid also.



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