prayers for good health of my parents:overcome my sins to be stable in professionnal life and to build a home to stay.

by Anup (Goa)

Lord I put all my sins below your feet please forgive us our sins for which we have been facing your anger take us in your care give us strength to survive in this world you created you are our saviour lord i trust you and pray for you.

My parents have gone throu lot to build us up till now they always helped others but always ends up in heart broke i pray for my dads health to keep him healtheir n strong to enjoy the gift of your love in coming future.
I have very hard professional life none of my hardwork giving fuilfill fruits my life getting difficult to live with these thoughts
Our saviour i bow infront of you lord.
Lord please give us the pease and relief.

Please help me in building my proffession life and support me not to reapet my sins
Lord jesus please fill my soul with your holy spirit. Oh all five precious wounds of jesus clean my sins with your precious blood and take away all my disaster n free me from all devil attack and save my soul.

In the name of jasus jesus jesus jesus alleliua alleliua alleliua allelilua

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