Prayers for finding employment urgent and financial miracle

by Sonya (Freeport Bahamas)

Dear Father God,

I come to you in the name of your son Jesus Christ to ask for help in my time of distress . Father I am in need of $2000 before month end to pay my rent and money I need to pay other debts and bills I owe . Father your word says that you are my jehovah jireh my provider and you will supply all my needs , you said that a thousand cattle on the hill belongs to you, you said that now unto him who is able to do all things exceedingly, above all that I ask think or imagine , nothing is impossible for you father. You said that I have the birthright of Christ that I can come to you and asked anything in the name of Jesus and you will grant my request . Father you said to put you in rememberance of your word . Now father in the name of Jesus I ask you to please bless me with employment so that I can have an income to be able to help myself . Give me favor in the name of Jesus to be chosen for the right job , for your word says that promotion does not come from the east , nor west , but promotion comes from The Lord . Father I want to say thank you for hear ing and answering my name request in Jesus name and also that you would bless all those persons in need , heal the sick and bless my family as well. Thank you father God in Jesus name. Amen .

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