Prayers for financial stability

by Ms.Toya (Connecticut)

Heavenly father in the precious name of Jesus,

Dear lord I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that has lead up to this point in my life regardless if it were good or bad. I’m still standing which leads me to believe you have greater things in store for me.

Father I thank you for loving me unconditionally, especially at times when I didn’t love myself. I thank you for my two children father and it’s because of my desire to want better for them I ask that you hear my prayer. I may not be perfect father but you know my heart. I ask that you help me find a permanent job that I can grow with. Allow me to work to the best of my abilities and the employers utmost satisfaction.

Help me find a job that will allow me to provide for my two children and myself as well. I owe it to them father. Allow me to regain control of my life so that I don’t cause a burden to my loved ones. Father I want to help others. I don’t want to feel down anymore.

I want to take control of my life and take care of those two children you’ve blessed me with father. I will continue to praise you and put my absolute faith in you and trust that you answer my prayers. Thank you Jesus. In your name I pray, Amen!!

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