Prayers for Financial Help and for a Sign

by Teresa ()

Dear God, please help me pay off my debts, pay my bills and find a new job. You know I have tried and lived up to all my obligations dutifully. You, I believe, have also asked me to help my friend who has been working on a charitable project to help women around the world, in poverty, in distress, in danger, in places like Haiti and around the world.

I am now in tens of thousands of dollars of debt because of the loans I have made to this charity, which has not raised its own money successfully yet (despite my friend’s near 24 x 7 efforts). Are you testing us, God? I am out of resources and simply cannot help any more, so please, I am begging you, do not ask me to. You are our Lord, and if it is your will, please, please, please God, provide for her worthy project directly and give her much encouragement, signs and wonders on the path there.

It has literally been years, and she is near expended in every manner, and I do not have the words to encourage any longer. If this project is not your will, God, please open another door to her to rebuild her life and financial assets which are no more.

Speak to us, O Lord, do not withhold yourself from us at the hour of our great need. Show us your presence, O God. Strengthen our faith and grant us peace, and financial support. Please. Amen.

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