Prayers for financial despatation

by Karen (Tennessee)

Precious heavenly Father, I come to you with a humble heart, a very tired body, and a weakened spirit, I have failed in my moments of desperation to give Thanks to you for a job, and loving people in my life.

I feel that I have reached a point that I can no longer continue without your guidance and your power, and your saving grace. I have to give all these burdens to you Lord, and trust that this is part of your plan for my life and my family. I am just moments from losing my home, continuous bills, no groceries, but everyday I keep striving I work when my body feels that it cannot continue, but somehow you lift me and I go on, please Dear Father guide me in your plan and your holy light, provide the necessary solutions in the dark difficult times,

I pray also that your hand touches every persons life that has also posted a prayer requesti pray that peace and comfort envelopes their hearts, I ask all these things in your precious holy name. Amen

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