Prayers for Employment, Peace and Meeting Financial Needs.

by Deanna (Phoenix, AZ)

Heavenly Father thank you for everything I have and forgive me for any lack of faith I may have right now.

Lord you have supplied me with amazing jobs in the past which I have taken for granted and now I am faced with unemployment in a time where good paying jobs are few and far in-between. Lord have favor on me and align me with the perfect job that will meet my financial, spiritual and mental needs.

Lord it is with a sense of urgency that I find employment right away and I know you are working in the background aligning the perfect job for me. Give me the courage the wisdom and strength to wait for this perfect job and also the finances to get me through until I start this new job. Lord I will honor you with this new job and I wish to be a bright light to my future coworkers who may be suffering. I ask this all and thank you in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior amen

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  1. I feel your pain

    I am struggling trying to find a job. My unemployment is about to expire. I have reached out to friends and family and they do want to offer assistance. I am scared. It is very hard to get out here and enjoy the Christmas season, knowing that I may have financial doom waiting for me. Dear God bless me with a job that will utilize my talents, allow me to meet my financial obligations and where I am respected. Please sweet father place me in the job that is meant for me. i need your help and let your will be done. Amen

  2. You are not alone.

    Our God is a providing God. Am going thru the same situation. My boyfriend even put a stop to our relationship because i was like a burden to him. My friends find no place for me because iam broke. But i believe i have a friend who will never forsake me. Even wen all i can do is just say i love you Jesus, He understands.

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