Prayers for Doctors to do through with Surgery

So, the doctor’s at Brenner’s decided they didn’t want to do hunter’s surgery they are afraid he will not make it through it. So they have sent his file to duke, Boston and chapel hill to see if they will accept him as a patient and take on the surgery.

If no one takes him as a patient then he will remain at Brenner’s on Palliative care meaning they will just keep him comfortable and happy till he decides to go. Please pray that some hospital accepts the challenge and trys to fix my sweet little boy b/c i don’t think i could handle waiting on him to go….even though i know he would be in great hands.

I still feel we need to at least give him a chance even if he did die in a operating room at least i would feel that i gave him every opportunity possible. I completely understand that no surgeon wants to have a death in their numbers but if not one tries he will have no chance at coming home with his family.

It is the worst feeling in the world to know their is a chance for your little boy but you can’t convince any doctors to try b/c they don’t want it to look bad on them 🙁

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