Prayers for distrust and Infidelity

by Frances Goodwin ()

Prayer for myself and other women who loved the men in their
Marriages who continued to be unfaithful.I had no hope of changing his personality, but I hoped that he would be conscious of his behavior and the harm it brought in disease and etc. For my children’s sake I kept quiet and hopeful. Now 63 years later things became worst. I now know that I want a divorce. His sister got a divorce at 93 years old.Pray that women like me to approach men when they overstep these boundaries to confront them.This year I had to confess and ask God in Christ for forgiveness in being an accomplice in a crime
To myself and being a scapegoat for a man and being victimized .
Also, giving license ton Sin. I told my Husband what I had done. In his case he never responds words or comments.
Pray for me ask I ask God’s Will in this situation. I am sure that I am not alone with this circumstance. Forgiveness, has kept me in peace, however, forgiveness does not change the other persons behavior. Some Men seem to have no consciousness about morale behavior in marriage. In all these years I have not been unfaithful or had other men in my life.

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