Prayers for daughter

by Ce ()

Prayer for my middle aged children. My daughter was so defiant as a child, and maintained rebellion against Christian values throughout her adult lifestyle. She accuses me of abuse because I set limits on her, and projects her uncontrolled behaviors onto me. (I have tapes of several of our past drawn-out verbal conflicts that clearly recorded that she was the one who was out of control while I was maintaining calm firmness in reasonably stated requests and expectations.) Her father completely encourages her in flipping the script and making everything that has gone wrong in her life my fault. She has been a legal adult for a long time, and I refuse to engage in these verbal battles she is trying to initiate. I hold my silence like Jesus did. She has never married, and part of the reason is her driven, unyielding need to win every disagreement. I tried to teach her right from wrong, and her father completely undermined and sabotaged my efforts. (I would say he is a sociopath, and he not only deceived me, he deceived entire systems. He unfortunately got primary custody of the kids with his lies when we divorced.) I am so very concerned about her ultimate salvation.
I am very concerned about her middle-aged brother, too. He is not as rebellious or defiant, and seems to have a reasonable relationship with his female domestic partner, but he buys into scapegoating everything onto me, and he is also not a believer in much of anything. The things he accuses me of don’t even make sense (things like putting the old tube TV in a sink of water and washing it – who would do that? I never did that, I couldn’t have lifted it if I wanted to, and I don’t think it would have fit in a sink; making him eat his food off his plate by lapping it like a dog – these things are insane).
It’s like my kids are completely brainwashed, and year-after-year they don’t recover from it. :'(

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