Prayers For Bills $$5,000.00 and New Job, Good Salary

by Ann (Dallas, TX)

I am asking God for supernatural money blessing for all bills to be paid, i.e. direct deposit in my bank account, . I was used, by my last employer, and then fired. No one liked me, and forced out. Everyone is laughing at me and I am completely broke,

Family is not supportive, and feel I am a problem no matter were I go. I talk to GOD everyday, and Beg him for supernatural turn around in my life with new job, good $50,000.00 salary, good benefits, and to be appreciated for all my works

I Also need God to intervein in my family, and bless me with a husband that will accept me foe me, and mot talk down to me all the time, and to Love me unconditionally and have my back in the good and bad times.

For once in my life to experience freedom, to live and love. Always remain positive, no matter what,

I am asking/begging for money to be in my bank account or checks mailed to me for back money owed to me. I need to Love myself 1st, and stop putting everyone or everything before my self. I need wisdom, and strength to get my house cleaned and in order,

Need by Friday 11-15, I claim this to be done. God will take care of this TODAY.

thank you Lord Jesus in advance


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