Prayers for a work leader

by A Humble Sinner Loving God (Washington DC)

A dear work colleague of mine will be having his annual PET scan tomorrow. I am praying that his scan is clear and he is given a clean bill of health. He is a man of faith and courage, father to two sweet children, husband to his beloved bride. He is an inspiration to us all and I am lifting up my prayers, asking the Lord for healing.

Lord, his fate and all of ours are in your hands. You all have a plan for us. We trust you with your ever-providing love and grace. I know we cannot understand all that you do, but I as a humble, mortal, sinning human send prayers to heal this man and relieve him from his cancer.

I have faith that your love heals all, saves all, does all. Please heal this man and continue to stay in our hearts and guide us down your path.