Prayers for a single mom

I am in desperate need of prayer, I am a single mom of two beautiful children, one with special needs. Im struggling to make ends meet, my ex husband is fighting paying child support and found some legal loophole.

I work all the time, yet Its never enough to make it, Im weary, im trying to make ends meet and take care of them. I have no family here, and my boyfriend who helped so much just told me he wasn’t in love with me and left. I need help. I need prayer to keep the strength to keep fighting.

I feel like no matter how hard i work and be obedient, im just treading water, Im scared. We live in a one bedroom apartment, i just cant seem to give them what they need, but their dad does so well and gives them everything when they are with him for his visitation, and i cant explain to them why we have nothing. Please pray.

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