Prayers for a job and abundance blessings

by Felicia (Lafayette)

Dear lord me and my husband was trying to start our own trucking business in 2015 my husband got hurt and had to surrender the truck back to the leaser leaving him out of work than my job close down in 2017 and left us having to move out our home and living on my daughter and her kids he still not working and never received his settlement money and I started a minimum wage job that is not enough to pay off all the monthly debts that we or in I took out loans from people and loan companies my check is never enough to help my daughter for us living there trying to keep Inc up on vechicals and I am behind on our life Inc sometimes I feel like giving up on life I rebuke the devil and his followers I have a good heart I have help many people and it seems my own family have turn there backs on us and people whom I thought was our friends it’s like they love seeing us take this loss in our life’s but I know it’s going to get better just have to believe in you and walk on faith no weapon on us shall prosper amen lord heal this pain collectors or calling everyday I have a title loan on my vechical I don’t want to lose my transportation!!!

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