Prayers for a husband struggling with purpose

Dear Lord, you know that David has struggled to find his purpose for years. His recent set-back at school has compounded those struggles, doubts and fears and he is at a breaking point. Please, please reach into his heart and speak life to his hopeless struggle. Show him how to live through you. He is such a strong and able-bodied man, willing to work and wanting to serve a purpose, and I know that you have one for him. Please help me to understand why you don’t reveal it to him. Help me to be the wife that he needs me to be, providing exactly what it is that he needs from me in this time. His feelings of worthlessness…..I can no longer bear to watch. Please, please reach my husband and show him your plans for him. He is so desperately trying to figure out what you want from him in this life and the answers just don’t seem to come; and he falls deeper and deeper into despair with each and every set-back Lord. Please. I no longer know what to say, so I simply speak your name and ask for help. Please Lord, Please Lord, Please Lord. Please reach my husbands soul and show him the way. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.