Prayers for a great job

I am asking for prayers that God will provide me with a great job of His choosing at which I can serve Him, be valued, and be of value. I thought God had provided that job a few weeks ago as I had a fantastic interview. The job sounded wonderful, but I missed the follow-up call from the employer a few days after the interview. By the time I was able to connect with the employer , his demeanor had changed. No longer was he encouraging, but instead, he was full of excuses. He said someone would get a hold of me to schedule a follow-up interview, but I believe he never passed that word on to his colleagues as I have not received a call for a second interview. HE is on a 20 day vacation. All of these “roadblocks” say to me that I will not get this dream job. I am so confused. Please ask that God reveal to me what He wants me to do! I really want to find a job in my field (architecture), but I don’t know if that is what Jesus wants. How am I to know what to do? Ask God to clearly and obviously reveal to me what path I am to follow. My apartment lease expires at the end of April, and I really would like to have a job before then, if it is God’s will. Please pray for me! I am really struggling. I am single and alone. I have no husband for support financially or emotionally – no children to encourage me. I am confused, scared, and sad. I ask that God please send me a sign that He cares and will answer this prayer.