Prayers for a friend

by Danielle (Florida)

I am in need of prayers for a very good friend of mine. He has been struggling financially for a long time now. He is working two jobs but they only hired him as casual so he barely works at either jobs. He is struggling to pay his bills and live. He has been on job interviews and even second or third call backs for a job with more hours but no one ends up hiring him. To make matters worse when he already can’t pay his bills, upon completing his taxes he see’s he may have to pay a very large amount of money that he already doesn’t have. He is tired of living life this way and is rapidly questioning God and why he would let him get this low. I fear his faith is diminishing with each day, as is his will to live. He has a third call back this Thursday for a basic customer service job. Please pray that his financial situation gets better and that maybe this job will offer him a position. Thanks!