Prayers are unanswered…

by Renee (US)

Please pray for us. We are self employed and there are so many people who us money that we can no longer pay our bills and we are days away from losing everything we have worked so hard for. Some of these companies owe us money for work we did last year and still have not paid us. We have filed notices to owners,notices to the contractor and notices to the bonding company for these jobs and still have not been paid any of our money. We used what money we had in savings and paid our employees what we owed them.

I feel so discouraged now that all I do is cry. I can’t eat or sleep I am so stressed from all of this. This is not fair to us. We did what we were suppose to do.. Please pray that are prayer for everyone who owes us money pay us soon.
Thank you so much and God bless all who read this and remember us in prayer.

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  1. Prayers

    I am in the same boat as you. I had been praying for something related to my nursing studies, but it didn’t get answered in the way I’d hoped. It is so hard sometimes to be patient, but we must be patient. I pray that your prayers will soon be answered. God hears you and I’m sure he has a plan for you–a great plan. God, please, please provide assistance and may your guiding hand lead this individual to the plan you have for her. Thank you. God bless you always.

  2. I will keep you in my prayers

    money issues are so stressful i will light a candle for you that those who owe you money will send it right away. it will come this week

  3. Answers

    We pray but don’t feel answered, Lord. Help us understand that regardless of the answers we want, being connected to you through prayer is changing us into “can do” people. We can find solutions, we can try again. Looking back, we understand you did answer. Hold on to God’s promise…it may not come when you need it but he knows and we just have to wait our turn. My prayers haven’t been answered yet either but I wait on it and I am praying it not be too late. So I pray for you and yours to come. Bless you.

  4. Our thoughts are with you

    With the lord anything is possible. I pray that he see’s you and your family through this difficulty and answers your prayers. I understand that you’re distressed and it may feel as if he cannot hear you, but one thing about our lord is that he’s ALWAYS on time. Remain faithful. He has heard your prayers and will save you xxx

  5. All prayers are answered

    God answers all prayers. Sometimes with a yes, sometimes with a no, sometimes with wait. I know it is extremely difficult to believe the other two. I can only say be encouraged & utilize whatever resources u can get to sustain u & your family. I sincerely hope & pray u will get what is owed u & yr husband. Be encouraged & in the meantime trust the Lord to supply your needs.
    psalms 27 ends with ( Wait on the Lord, be of good courage & He shall strenghten your heart.)

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