Prayers are so very appreciated and needed

by Broken (Texas)

Prayers are so very appreciated and needed. I am a mother of 4 wonderful little girls, I work full time and have a second job on the weekends. My husband was laid off for several months and is now back to work but with a reduced income. We got so far behind from living off one income and now a reduced income, I feel like I’m in a dark hole with no escape. I’m specifically praying for a way to pay our rent, our utilities and food so our children don’t suffer, and our car payments so that we may continue to try to earn everything we can, I also pray that we may retain our faith and not lose hope through these struggles. We are on the verge of being evicted and our vehicles repossessed. We are truly the “working poor”, I feel like I am stretched to the point of breaking. I also pray for everyone else currently struggling. I know oh so well how that feels. I feel like a total failure. Lord please help me.

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