Prayers are needed to save my marriage

by Aimrs (India)

lord jesus please make my husband to understand his wife and not to be stubborn to move and stay in another house as in this house there is an evilspirit that is troubling me and making me fall sick.

lord explain my inlaws to allow their son to stay with their wife as they are stopping him to stay with his wife in another house.make my husband to take the responsiblities for his wife do the duties for his wife.

he should love respect and share with his wife after marriage.he is refusing to move may be under pressure of his parents .but is spoiling his and the wife life. please lord save my marriage from breaking.

i request you plead you. brothers sisters prayer worriers pastor please pray to save my marriage please don’t break it. make my husband understand the meaning, the value of marriage .lord need your help in the name of jesus i pray to save my marriage from breaking.