Prayers against colleagues, and bosses tormenting, libeling, slandering and threatening me about loosing my job

by Oduwa (Lagos, Nigeria)

please I want you congregation of the most high to commit me in prayers against the power of darkness in my work place making my bosses, colleagues, to slander, libel, torment, envy and keep threatening me about loosing my job. That by the authority of the almighty God who never fails, never sleeps nor slumber come and handle this situation. that he will put them to shame. because God is not finished with my stories yet. He has only just begun. Any one of them going behind me to judge and come to my face and behave as if I am loved, let them be judged. Let hose tongues they use in judging me be condemned to judgement. every arrows fashioned against me, back to sender and it shall never prosper. I am the apple of Gods eye. Irrespective of their plans to get me fired, I shall reign here if its Gods will for me. Nothings stopping me. Any colleague slandering me before my bosses shall be put to shame. They will be sacked and no Jupiter will have mercy on them. God of Judgement come and have your way in my life. I give myself away lord. In Jesus Mighty Name We have prayed.