by James ()

Dear Lord please continue to Bless us. Dear Lord please continue to let the Holy Spirit fill us with Your Grace. Dear Lord please forgive us for our sins as we are not perfect. Dear Lord I Pray for all people who are lost like my cousin and need to see the Truth. Dear Lord thank you for my family , friends , animals , my Mom , Allison , Jasmine , Dori , Elmer , Charlie , Moo , Little Man and all others from now and before. Dear Lord I Pray for a Blessed good day for all . Dear Lord I Pray for all people and all living things. Dear Lord I ask for forgiveness for anything when we speak about finances, relationships , job related , Love or what not out of line or any thing I have said that was untrue as I am keen on telling the Truth. Dear Lord I never want to Boast as I know all I have even the smallest Blessings are from you my Lord and your Grace. Thank you Lord. Dear Lord I Pray for all those who have lost to heal their souls and somehow show them their loved ones are still with them they have just went to a better place. Dear Lord I Pray for Missy’s family and Joanie , I Pray for Kerry and her Family and her Father . I Pray for Dave and his family and all who have lost someone to better their lives and come out better and to break their issues . Dear Lord I Pray this all in the Lord Almighty’s Name Amen.

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