by James ()

Dear Lord please continue to Bless us . Dear Lord please continue to let the Holy Spirit fill us with Your Grace. Dear Lord please forgive us for our sins as we are not perfect . Dear Lord I Pray for all people like my cousin and friends who are lost and need to see the truth. Dear Lord I Pray for all people and all living things . Dear Lord please forgive me for how stressed I was on a coupon occasions and please help me control my temper I Pray my Lord as I am not perfect and none of us are but I still ask for forgiveness . Dear Lord please Bless my Mom , Allison , Jasmine , Dori and the rest of our family , and again I am sorry. I Pray for forgiveness and for all the people who need help like the guy we saw on the corner. In Jesus Christ The Lord Almighty’s Name I Pray Amen .

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