Prayer While Waiting for an answer

Lord , I come to you first of all thanking you for all that I have. You know I’ve always been thankful and I understand that what you give me is more than enough but, Im really needing this job, a job where I could do what I love and work for my family, you know Lord that I bearly got married a year ago my husband is the only one that works, we have bills and loans I’m still a young women going for 19, and really want to help my husband out with all I can, Some people are living there lives, mines is in pause waiting for your answer Lord, people may not umdestand what I’m asking for but I know you do. I am waiting patiently in you Lord Im trying to walk by faith, hoping that whoever reads this may help in prayer as well as I could to, I’m thanking you Lord for this day, and hoping that the answer is coming, Amen

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