prayer when everything is falling apart

by Brandi (Boston,Ma)

Dear my Heavenly Father,

I have been going through the mosy difficult time in my life. I am weak and have been dragged down by every aspect of life. My fiance and I were just about to move into an apartment two days before the expected date of my second sons birth, I was so excited vecause I am 30 and this was the first time my family was going to be in a home together. My first son is with my mother and was going to be able to move with me when my fiance and I moved out of the rooming house we are in, I haven’t had him living with me for years, I was so excited I felt as if my life was finally falling into place. Then two days before we were supposed to move my fiance lost his job we have no money at all and are in jeapoardy of losing the home we are in now. I was crushed, then my son was born and has been sick in the hospital for a month and now my family is separated. Now I have two boys and a fiance I am not going to be living with and I am so hurt. I keep asking why do my family and I have to suffer so extrememly, my fiance has been trying to find a job but the wreckage of our pasts haunts us. I have been on the right path for years and am stagnant, i try to always loveothers as I would want for myself and always try to please you Lord. You are always in my heart and my prayers, I am so grateful for the great things I do have, Lord I am holding on but becoming more weak everyday, i know you will not forsake me, Lord. Please help my family to make it through this and have a life of love,happiness, comfort and gratitude. I will never let my heart stray from you no matter how hard life is. I know these difficulties happen for a reason. Lord please guide me and strengthen me, be with me through each step and move I make every minute of my life. Love and care for my whole family and help me to give my loved ones the best life that I can provide for them. Help me to be the best daughter to You and my mother Lord, and the best wife, mother and sister etc. Help me to be a woman of the Lord, and let me show the world the love you gave me to give and to serve the purpose you put me on tne earth for. Thank you Lord I love You please hear my prayer and cry for help, I can’t do this without You! Amen

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