Prayer for Us and for my mom

by Lucy (Bay shore )

Hello God, Im sorry its been a long time since ive written it seems i only seek for you when im wounded and lost and im sorry for that i should talk to you daily not only when im sad…but im still eternally grateful for all the things you have done for me and my family. You answered our prayers and kept my parents well during their surgeries we were so worried but thanks to you my parents are still here healing and getting well…i pray for a speedy recovery for my mom i know she is in a lot of pain but she is so strong and i know the results of the pathology will be negative and she might not need chemo all thanks to you…also pray for my dad mass to be benign and to be released from his body… these are trying times for me and my loved ones but we are blessed because of your love and mercy on us.I also pray for me and my love Isac you brought him back to me and i thank you so much for that after all those months i thought we were definitely over but he came back to me saying that he was ready for us…but now he is going back to his old ways and its breaking my heart im scared to go through the same pain again…please guide him to be a more loving and understanding boyfriend i know he loves me im sure of it now more than ever i love him too but his way of being is difficult at times to understand and im not an easy person i fight about stupid things and im a jealous please help me the woman he is proud of a woman that he loves with no restrictions please i think our love deserves it after all the pain and uncertainty i know you have united us for a reason to bless our union one day and to have a baby of our own to complete our family…please help me understand him and give me patience to trust and provide with the love that he needs…i don’t want to suffocate him either i need to work on myself as well to become a more calmer person and stop getting agitated so quickly…i know im a good person and i make mistakes but i dont think me and Isac are a mistake he is a blessing to my life because you put him back in it…please guide him and protect him from his fears tell him that i love him i couldn’t bare to go through another heartache please help us heal from our past mistakes and focus on our beautiful future together full of love and happiness and a baby on the way…thank you again for you have done for me and my family… i love you always god Amen

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