Prayer to Win the Lottery


Dearest GOD, the ascended masters,the angels and the GOD fairies; I believe in you all and in your endless unconditional love and mercy. Please, forgive me all my sins,those of my wife,my children,those of our both parents and grantparents and remove from us all the generational curses these have brought upon us.I do not have a job but as the head us the family I must provide food,shelter and clothing to my wife and three children;pay school fees and other bills from almost nothing.Please LORD;surround us with your secret light and grant us success in the lottery I have registered. Wining this lottery will bring us to the expected life standard.Heavnly Father,free me from my financial bondage and joblessness.I affirm that, as a child of GOD;I deserve financial freedom.I am open and willing to receive everything I need to pay all my bills on time; in full,and I have more than enough left over to put in savings and to enjoy the good things in life.Dearest Father,I know you have the power to perform miracles and I believe in miracles.Give us victory in the lottery as a family miracle and lead us into the land flowing with milk and honey.JESUS,deal wondrously with me and let my family eat and be satisfied;make peace within our borders and fill us with the finest of wheat. We confide in You with trust,in faith and promise you a sacrefice in your name and help those who are still out there in the cold when we get to the promise land of the family greatest hearts desire in JESUS name AMEN.

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