Prayer to win the lottery

Lord I don’t usually ask for things such as this but because I know you are a mighty God and nothing is impossible with you I am asking that you would bless us with winning the lottery tonight. I have a daughter who will be going to college and we are so deep in debt.

I am asking that we win so that we will not have any struggles with paying for her college education and so that we can get out of debt . Lord we also want to help others and help our church. I now know that It was a sin for us to get into such debt and that we have begun to do better with our finances seeking you first in all decisions as well as taking a course on doing our finances God’s way.

I know that You are faithful to Your Word and You said in Mark 11:24 that whatever we desire we can have . and lord I truly desire to be out of debt including houses paid off as well so that we van have more to give. I thank you for answered prayer and the wisdon that You will give us when we win. In Jesus Name. AMen

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