Prayer to win the lottery

by George (London)

Dear Lord I would first of all like to give you thanks and praise you for all you have been doing for me and for my family. Father Lord, you are wonderful.

However Lord, I come before you yo present my petitions to you.

Lord, I have been having so much financial problems and I find it to make ends or to be able to provide for my family properly.
Dear Lord, I would like you to help me and give me the opportunity to win the lottery.

I know that lots of people have had the chance to win and I do not envy them. In fact good luck to them. Evrry one had the tight to win the lottery.
Dear Lord my aim also is to help others (the poor, hungry and the less fortunate) when I win the lottery myself, and I pray that I will honour this promise.

Father Lord,I also pray that you bless and give other people chance to win too when they seek your help.
Thank you Lord.
Your humble, grateful and needy child.