Prayer to Win Divorce Trial

by Michele (New Jersey)

Dear Lord, please help me to defeat my husband in this divorce case. He wants money from my house that I paid for myself & abandoned me for 4 years without contact, money, or knowledge of where he was and now comes back in April 2012, asking for nothing but goes behind my back and hires a lawyer to get money from me regarding my townhouse.

Lord, please help me win this fight that I did not want in order to keep my house in tact and from his greedy hands. my kids & grandkids live in that house with nowhere else to go. I was mentally abused from him for 4 years before he left and treated him very good regardless of what he put me through with his drug habits and stealing from me.

I’ve always kept a kind heart, but becoming very weak right now and need your help to win this battle. Please give me the victory and strenght I need. Amen.

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