Prayer to use wealth in your name Lord

by Michael (Ontario, Canada)

Oh Heavenly Father, the Almighty and Powerful, I have never doubted You nor your actions and I have never cast about reasons, for I trust Your every judgment. Father a time has come whereby I have the opportunity to attain a wealth far greater than ever imagined.

It is now that I ask of You to completely trust in me for what I will do with this newly found wealth. Father, it has been my lifetime dream to have such riches so that I may do my part as a true follower of Your Holy commandments and of Your love for us.

I promise You whole heartily that I will follow my lifetime dreams and retain only a small percentage of my newly granted riches so that with the bulk of such wealth, I may put to use in aiding the more needy and true believers of Your love and commandments.

Father, I will also aid those who may have strayed from You for whatever their reasons, with the attempt to teach them and others that Your way is the only way. Oh Heavenly Father, I ask of these dreams in your most Beloved and Holy name. Amen

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