Prayer to urgently save this Marriage, short of a pending Divorce

by Rose (California, USA)

Dear heavenly father, Jesus my savior and my holy spirit, I ask for devine intervention in a final step prior to my forthcoming divorce. It has become apparent that he, my husband is lost and has submited to wanting this divorce as a way out of what he did in getting a very young girl pregnant and having a child outside of our marriage, and moving in with her. He has never asked for genuine forgiveness and has changed to the point where no one knows this man anymore, especially me, his own wife of 20 years. He is ashamed and embarressed and cannot face what he did, so he hides and lies and learks around trying to appease the new baby, the girl and forgetting his wife, son and family. He has completely given into this sin and doesn’t know how to redeem himself anymore. Please know, that only a MIRACLE can save this marriage and this husband and wife. Only you know what this has done to our families who have cried buckets of tears in learning what happened. Although he has said the word “sorry” many times, he has never actually shown his sorrow by redeeming his actions, for the good of his marriage. He has completely destroyed his son, and forgot all about him. He has never asked to save his marriage, but simply has accepted what he did and has given into the fact that divorce is inevitable without fighting for his wife and family. He is not the same person anymore and he even looks different, as if torn and in pain. He has agged and looks run down all the time. It hurts me to see him like that in spite of his indescretions, yet he seems to want nothing from me anymore, marriage wise. He seems to have accepted his new life and has lost his fight and will. Pain and tears are a daily lifestyle for me, for I remember the kind, sincere and loving husband he once was. I am frightened and afraid of what the future holds as my life has changed drastically due to what he did to destroy our marriage.

Please also know, if it be Gods will that this marriage not be saved anymore, then please give me and our son the guidance and strength to carry on without him. And for me to eventually after a healing, find and meet someone who can be a good companion and life partner to me when the time comes. My life is in your hands and I ask for first a salvation of my marriage, but if not, then I ask to accept your will and know something greater than what I can imagine awaits me because you love me and will help me stop crying eventually. I love and thank you with all my being as I know you are going to help me, my son and my husband. Forgiveness all around seems to be the main factor here, but it is not easy. Please teach us how to do that. We are desperate for this help and await for your hand to touch our homes and lives asap. Please, if you so desire, help us find ways and solutilns to the consequences of this mess my husband created so everyone can heal and come out ahead and forgiven. Please help everyone put God first and remember his power. This wife awaits everyday for a miracle and something to happen, but my hands are tied and I am at a loss, so all I do is cry, cry and cry. My heart is broken and my self esteem and womanhood has been challenged. I feel ugly, fat, old and lost. I want to build back my self worth and love myself again like I used to when my marriage was true and I was in love. I miss being that person and I miss my life as it was. I know nothing will ever be the same again, but we need to start somewhere. I have not seen or heard from my husband for awhile now, as he has now even stopped calling me. I wish he would have used this time to reflect and think this out with resolve to change in God’s name, and to start rebuillding his marriage to me, his relationship with our son and gaining his self respect again. I pray for a miracle, cause only you can touch our lives and make it better, whatever you decide dear God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Thank you for whatever you do for all of us, as the forgiving process must start now, and we beg for your help, in the name of our love for you and our marriage. I await for your sign or answer in guiding me to do your will. Thank you so much with all my heart and soul, and every breath of my being, AMEN

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