Prayer to urgent need for my grandson Jayden

Dear St Joseph please guide my grandson Jayden on the right path he is 18years old and still doesn’t know what he won’ts to do work wise, i am scared because of the crowd that he mixies with don’t work they only smoke and drink i keep telling him he needs to go to work, i won;t to get him of the streets, but he won’t listen to me I am going through chemo at the moment, and i son’t know what to do I pray day and night but my prayers seem to be nothing Holy St Joseph you are very close to Jesus please ask him to answer my prayers Amen

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  1. Prayer for physical and family healing

    Dear Heavenly Father
    I come to you in the mighty name of Jesus asking that you strengthen this family. You know the many challenges they face. There are surface issues such as trouble with a son finding focus and employment and a sense of responsibility. Dear Lord please get to the root of his problem and heal his heart. may he hear your voice through a friend that loves you through his mom or whomever you choose. Show him he has a choice and that life can be better. I come against the spirit of depression that would choke the life out of this family. I also pray for this mother who is only concerned for his son and his wellbeing. Bless her with your peace. She is not asking for herself, but I ask knowing that you desire to heal and reverse satan’s work in this earth. Bring her health back Lord, as she goes through this chemo treatment please supply her with the support she needs, physical emotional and spiritual. Raise up caring friends for her, as she fights and the drugs fight this illness. I know Father that you also fight for her wellbeing and healing. I bless Your Name and your Word Lord may it be life to us all..
    Proverbs 4
    20My son, attend to my words; incline your ear unto my sayings.

    21Let them not depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart.

    22For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

  2. Prayer for family togetherness and financial security and security for my daughter and her son also for older grandchildren for work and schooling close to home

    Please oray for a very large inancial windfall for me to be able to pay all our bills in full , peovide a safe happy healthy permanent home for my dsughter and her son a , good full time job for my 20 year grandson that he will like and build a career for himself and meet and settle down with his true soulemate and lifetime partner and for my granddaughter that she chooses not to go away to school but stay home and go to the local college hand not go sway to schoolschool and build a good foundation with her boyfriend and live a happy loving life together I am also praying my daughter meets her true soulemate and life time partner and they build a happy loving life together and that my small family remain close together. Long happy healthy life for myself and my husband who has worked very hard for many yearsThank you i am eternally grateful foryour prayers amen

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