Prayer to unite me and my fiance back together.

Jesus,i come before you with a humble heart. I ask you to forgive me all the wrong that i did.Have mercy on me Jesus.Lord Jesus you blessed me with a beautiful relationship.But i destroyed it because of the wrong i did. I am sorry. I ask you to reunite it back together.

I pray that you break down all these walls of hate, anger,an unforgiving heart, dictatorship,egoism that is keeping me and him from being together. I pray for reconciliation between these two hearts and these two families.I have heard horrible things his father has said to me. They have closed all doors. But i believe from the depths of my heart that you can open these doors these people have shut.

Bring about this happiness in my life again lord. I am living this life just once.I pray that i get to spend it with him as i really love him.It is through you that we will be able to walk down the aisle togther to say ‘i do’to each other. Sacred heart of jesus pray for me
Immaculate heart of Mary pray for me
St. Jude grant my prayer