Prayer to Trust your Power

by Ritz (UK)

Dear God Supreme Being The Author of LIfe.

I am saying this prayer not just for myself but for everyone who needs deliverance from poverty and unemployment. Please let us put our trust on your power. We know that the spiritual realm is totally different from the world and everything in this world is just temporary.

But while we are still in our physical body we will have our felt needs. I know you understand our heart’s desires even if we dont utter any word. Please give us more hope and trust our claim that you are “The Author of Life”. You said to us not to worry because even the birds who dont know how to toil or the lilies in the valley dont know how to weave and yet you clothe and feed them and with your grace you sustain them.

Please help the needy help the poor help the sick people. those who are nearly given up hope to live. Help their family. Being the sole bread winner, we have many dependents who need our care and financial support. Help us to help them get on their feet soon and make them ready to fend themselves after giving them the right eductaion. We recognized the value of education as their passport to employment. But some people cant even afford to send their children to school because of financial limitations.

Supply us with our needs and help us to be grateful. Whatever we are lacking in terms of financial you compensate it up with contentment, gratefulness, good health, harmonious relationships, good children and our safety in this world of uncertainties.

Please let us not focust with the limitations of this world but make us realize that there is a God who can help us. Thank You God, Being, Spirit, Universe, Buddha, Guan Yin or what ever concept you have

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