Prayer to trust my husband and forgive him

by Reyna (California)

Please pray that i don’t look at our past situation and only look at the big and great changes he has made for us.. that i can forgive his past mistakes that hurt me and that God will convict his heart to never do the same again. That i will trust him and mostly that we will stay together to raise our beautiful daughters and that he will finally become a christian man. “Thank you all and God bless those in need of jesus’s love and forgiveness…Amen”

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  1. Be strong for me and I'll be strong for you

    It is very easy for anyone to say, why would u stay with him, leave him before he does it again, if that was me I’d be done with him, just pack up and leave before he really hurts you, or you can do bad all by yourself!! Yes it is true all that is good advice, but until your in that situation you don’t know what you’d do or if you would leave or have the courage to leave or the will, the financial ability to leave is also an issue when deciding to end a marriage or relationship, so my advice is this, to anyone that has a friend, mom, sis, aunt, cousin, anyone, male or female just be there to listen, let them vent, cry, break down, pray with them and over them, strengthen the lords light around them, help them feel better about themselves, do not scold them or punish them by saying it’s there fault got allowing it, in reality no one allows some one to mistreat them, the reality of it is this: the victim is actually has unconditional love for the abuser, loves the abuser with all their faults, the victim knows they are being mistreated but it also causes pain to be without the abuser,i know I’ve been there done that and I’m currently in love with an abuser and I’m currently trying so very hard to loving him, it’s so so very difficult being without him i Miss him so much and justify the abusive things he does to me and I make conscience decisions to allow the abuse to go on, and i always need someone to talk to and just be there for me, but a lot of the times i get why are you with him, why bother, your dumb, stuff like that so I keep it bottled up,for all of you going thru a tough time know in your heart they’re are other people going they it with you and pray for them and with them and maybe we can all have our prayers heard at once and we all know the power of prayer is the most powerful defense of all! God bless us all, In Jesus Name Amen

  2. Prayer to trust husband

    Yes Lord this is what I really need you’re guidance in this Ivan wants to make a change and lord please really work in to his heart and all the lovely things that our coming out of his mouth I need to trust in him. because we are gonna make it happen Lord and that want I have been long waiting for Lord. I don’t want to look back at the pain he has caused for my and my three boys. I don’t like the fact everyone opinion about him is always oh know he is not going to change…. I need to realy have faith and hope and believe in him lord..

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