Prayer to touch his heart

by Karyn (America)

Father Lord Jesus i want to thank you for my life and the life of the boy. i pray that you will restore the love in him which started to grow for me.

Father i i pray that you would put me in his thoughts and remind him of the things i did for him and how things started out. although we are close i still feel so far from him, God i know its my fault that things went wrong i should have kept “us” to myself but confided in friends who ended up stabbing me in the back and destroying what we had.

I love him so dearly and God i pray that you would put us together and bless our relationship which would also lead to marriage.. Father i also pray that you will protect me and my family from any works of the enemy. bless me with favour and lead and direct me. thank you answering my prayer in Jesus name… please pray for me

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