Prayer to the lord for giving praise and thanks for all things

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Lord please hear this prayer i know i have asked alot from you in prayer and though i know lord you’re able to accomplish any task we ask of you as you’re the one true god and we but man lord i am not here to ask in this prayer anything from you but to give you thanks and praise for the many things you have blessed me and my family with and the world lord you do many great wonders all the time even as it shows in the bible lord i thank you for the bible for providing us your truth and your word for giving your one and only son to die on the cross so we could have eternal life and the righteousness in him in us thank you we can receive his righteousness in us and the love of you and your perfect love and the peace that passes all worldly understanding the ability for us all to wake up another day and have the blessing of living another day on the earth in which you have created and the senses we are blessed with to see hear smell feel touch taste walk talk and the blessings of sleep you give us so we may rest to start another day in your glory and grace thank you for the food and drink we receive in our familes friends and their families and also the world so we may eat and not go hungry please bless those who go without food and drink deliver them from starvation and thirst as i ask this is only thing i will mention that is a request of you in this prayer lord if it is your will please let your will be done thank you for the night and day and seasons which all come from you all the beautiful creations you grace us with for the animals of the earth and pets to children who you bless us with which teaches us everyday to see your grace in them and know unconditional love that you grant to us lord thank you for friends family and for songs of praise for you for the churches where we may connect with people of faith and like mindedness for the forgiveness you give us for our sins and the mercy you give us that is endures forever may we always thank you for the rest you give us in you and the protection you give us and the refuge you are to us also for showing us what is right and wrong for saving us when we call to you to be saved for taking a world of sinners and forgiving and loving us despite our sinful nature and although we are undeserving and unworthy you love us and don’t see us the way we see us and man does but you want us to succeed and not perish as the bible says you take no delight in when the wicked perish but you want us to turn from our sinful ways and live thank you lord that you look upon us with such compassion and grace you watch over us and want us to turn to you and stay in your ways and to turn from wrong to right always and to look to you and heaven to trust in you and your precious son and our lord and saviour Lord Jesus christ and to keep our faith and focus on you lord it may be hard at times for me when life gets tough and i start to feel a lack of faith but i try even still to keep my focus on you and not let it shake me as you know me you know my struggles and hardships and know where i fall short lord i will keep my focus on you and do all i can to not let myself be shaken thank you for all you do as all you do is good and true and just in jesus name i pray Amem

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