Prayer to the Holy Spirit

by Daniel (Ontario)

I have followed the suggestions of others on this website and have found strength and fortitude for prayers to the Holy Spirit. “Holy Spirit, since I have invited you into my heart every day, I have felt a definite presence and strength flow through my soul. My life has gained new meaning. I thank you for giving me the strength and knowledge to face the trials and tribulations that occur everyday running my business. Holy Spirit, please guide me and help me to find the answers to keep 120 people gainfully employed. Help me to carry on Gods’ will and guide me through the challenges that people whom have selfish agendas are placing in front of us. As always help me and teach me to forgive all of those people and continue the growth of this company in God’s will. I promise to keep you in my heart and never separate from you. May other’s saying this prayer receive the same gift of peace from you that I have now received on a daily basis.

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  1. Helping the love of my life battle thru drug addiction and depression

    Please if anyone is out their please send me a prayer or say a prayer for Kelsey, she is in need of God in her life again. She lost touch and is battling demons as we speak. She is not alone but at times she feels she is. And i want to make sure she always has an Angel with her i beg of you ease help me get her where she needs to be. Her crys for help have gone unseen but not by me , i see all hurt and pain in her eye and soul

  2. Please pray for John High he is in a coma from a stroke

    Please pray for my husband John High from a stroke

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