Prayer to Thank you Lord for opening the doors of your house to me


Thank you for opening the doors of your house to me; even after I have sinned so often and not said thank you for all the good you have brought to my life
Thank you; for all the love your house offers me & my beautiful daughter.
Thank you for the kind souls who come to mass each morning and look with love to my beautiful daughter
Thank you lord; for giving me a place that I feel like I am coming home; safe to feel and safe to talk to you.

Thank you lord for the wise priests who say mass each morning and who explain your words so I might try use them to keep me on the right path each day
Thank you lord; for sending me the answers and helping; supporting me and guiding me in this upsetting time
Thank you lord for your light and presence
Thank you lord for helping me with the right words to say.

Thank you lord for my sisters; Terri & especially Erika who are my rocks at the moment … please bless them & their family’s lord
Thank you lord for sending the buyers for our house.

Thank you lord for sending me business
Thank you lord; for supporting and guiding me.
Thank you lord.
I love you lord.