Prayer to Thank St Jude for Answered Prayer through his interecession

Dear St. Jude,

Today is the ninth day of my novena to you and I can really say that I have felt an improvement. Although my specific request hasn’t yet been granted, I have no doubt that it is a work in progress and that either way things will resolve. At the beginning of the nine days I had feelings of true despair and hopelessness. Thanks to your intercession, I have been feeling much brighter about the situation. Some little things have given me glimmers of hope.

I know that I cannot change God’s will, therefore cannot force a reconciliation between myself and the man I love, however, I know whole heartily that my situation is in the best hands.

Thank you for giving me hope, St. Jude and for holding my hand through this difficult time. Nine days have passed, however I continue to pray the novena – praying to you soothes me and makes me feel like nothing is impossible. Thank you, my wonderful saint and friend.

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